Store Information

Website Status


Due to Banneker’s not currently doing international business and the fact hackers and malbots from international players have become a nuisance, we have began to block IP addresss from problem countries.


The store is open for business. Products are being added on most days.

Who we are is owned and operated by Evolvnt LLC a Florida Company

Sales Strategy

Item listing duration and pricing is as follows:

The minimum price for small items is $3.25 in order to account for data entry and handling.

Most items either on this website or our eBay store will be listed at fair market value for a duration of around 3-6 months. As time allows we will come back and discount the item before the six month deadline. After a second period of 3-6 months the item will be put in clearance sale mode.

You are encouraged to contact us for further discounts for bulk purchases.

Shipping Protocol

Our shipping is for United States only when using the checkout. Our current plan is to offer international shipping at a later date. When this becomes possible we will post a notice above under Website Status.

Terms & Conditions


PayPal and Credit Cards accepted.


Returns are handled via email , return shipping locations may vary. Please use the Contact link.

Image Policy

You will see this image on our site very often.

This is the temporary image used until the actual item has been photographed. We encourage anyone to request a picture of the actual item before purchase. This helps us both. Meanwhile we continue to upload better images at random.

Privacy Concerns


GDPR is a comprehensive privacy legislation that applies across sectors and to companies of all sizes except, because we do not ship or sell to Europe.


Probably they exist , can we see them? Who knows.

Who we share your data with

Data related to casual browsing of this site is completely ignored by Banneker’s. Data related to your purchase is obviously recorded for processing payments and fulfillment.

We do not use email marketing or share our data with outside third parties. Google analytics and your personal browser will interact.